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Sector: Biggus Blockus


Level up your tabletop. The Sector: Biggus Blockus terrain pieces will raise the level on your table top by giving you large 5" platforms to build on top of.

The Biggus Boxes measure 12" by 12", which is the same size as your Games Workshop Zone Mortalis tiles. You can represent the inside of the box off to the side of your play area with ZM tiles, so your fighters can continue their disagreements in the climate controlled comfort of the indoors. The four doors on the sides are coordinated with the interior pathways of each ZM tile so it all makes sense.

They fit perfectly with all other 5" terrain systems for seamless integration on your tabletop.

The sturdy boxes can then act as storage for your other terrain when not on the tabletop. All details are cut from card, and raised for ease of painting. Cleats on the top of each box allow for stable stacking for storage, or doubling the height on the tabletop.

Sold as a flat packed kit. Raised details come pre-cut on a sheet of 1.5 mm card. You pop them out, and glue them onto the surface in pre-marked locations. Assembly with PVA, wood glue, or super glue required. Other terrain and models in photo not included, shown for display purposes only.

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